Nova Scotia-icon.png Nova Scotiaball is a Maritime provinceball of eastern Canada-icon.png Canadaball. He is named after its first colonizer, Scotland-icon.png Scotlandball. His name means "New Scotland" in Latin, the language of SPQR-icon.png SPQRball. The best player playing in the Pitsburgh Penguins team of the NHL, Sidney Crosby, is from Halifax. He invented hockey. He also likes fishing and the sea.


Nova Scotia-icon.png Nova Scotiaball's history starts when settlers from Britain and France arrived. Due to the abundance of fish, many fishing ships would travel over from Britainball and Franceball to catch said fish. Many settlers also came over in order to farm. There, they dried out swamp land and farmed in said places. Currently because of the collapsing fishing industry due to overfishing, Nova Scotia is one the provinceballs which is less wealthy. On April 2020, he suffered the worst shooting spree in Canadian history. RIP Kristen Beaton and Heidi Stevenson..



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