Novorossiaball (Russian for New Russiaball, Russian: Новороссия, Ukrainian: Новоросія) "is" an unrecognized countryball in Eastern Europe, is of wantings into independence from Ukraineball. He is of made up of Donetsk and Luhansk people's republicballs.

His flag looks very similar to CSA-icon CSAball's battle flag (without stars) which is commonly condemned as ''racist.''

He also has a variant flag but it look like the upside down Romanov flag.


Novorossiaball was founded in 2014 when Donetsk and Luhansk people's republicballs merged.

On 3 March 2015,they started to put a Soviet Flag in conquered zones.

In mid-2015 Novorossiaball was disbanded.



Donetsk-Republic-iconDonetsk People's Republicball and Luhansk-Republic-iconLuhansk People's Republicball - My creators

Russia-iconRussiaball - My best friend! Let's destroy that USA-iconfattie


Ukraine-iconУкраина-гибрид моей независимости!!!

USA-iconUSAball-уродливый капиталистический толстяк!

CSA-iconCSAball-похититель расистских флагов!!! но он также ненавидит США...


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