Oakvilleball is a townball in south-central Ontario-icon Ontarioball located between Torontoball and Hamiltonball. Much of its clay sits along the shores of Lake Ontario.

He is best friends with Mississaugaball.


In 1805, the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada-icon Canadaball purchased clay from the 3balls and the first European settlers came to live there two years later. The 3balls ceded more of its clay to the Crown in 1820 and Oakvilleball became a full townball in 1827.

Today, Oakvilleball is a thriving townball. It hosts several arts and cultural festivals throughout the year (especially in the summer), and its clay is home to the headquarters of many of Canadaball's best-known businesses. He also has a world-class golf course (Glen Abbey) and canoe club (which boasts several Olympic medalists), and is a major hub on the Quebec Cityball - Windsorball rail corridor (Amtrak's Maple Leaf train passes through Oakvilleball on its way to New York Cityball as well).

He makes pretty good cars too, there is a Ford assembly plant on his clay near the lake.

Oakvilleball was also proud to have stood in for a fictional town in Illinoisball for the film The Santa Clause.

His sister city is Neyagawaball.

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