Oaxacaball is a stateball of Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball.

Oaxacaball is a very humble ball, hardworking, and very visited. In these years he has not stopped going into the house of Mexico Cityball, for the obvious reason to look for work. His typical rival and enemy is Chiapasball to see who eats chocolate and more insects and other disgusting things is more touristic. He is known by the chapulines, its culture, the music, and mainly, by its poverty.

Sometimes he searchs work in Murica's clay, mainly in Californiaball and Illinoisball


Oaxacaball was officaly born as a 3ball, adopted by Zapotecball, Aztecball, Spanish Empireball (within New Spainball), First Mexican Empireball, Second Mexican Empireball and Mexicoball.


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