Ober Ost-icon Ober Ostball was born in 1914. By October 1915, the German Empire-icon Germanyball Army had advanced so far to the east, that Central Polandball could be put under a civil administration. This administration was divided between the German Empire-icon Germanball Government General of Warsaw and the Austria-Hungary-icon Austria-Hungaryball Government-General of Lublin. The military Ober Ost-icon Ober Ostball government from then on only controlled the conquered areas east and north of Central Poland-icon Polandball.

After the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, the German Empire-icon German Empireball effectively controlled Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball, Latvia-icon Latviaball, Belarus-icon Belarusball, parts of Poland-icon Polandball, and Kurzeme-icon Courlandball, all of which were former territories of the Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball. Ober Ost-icon Ober Ostball itself was assigned present-day Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball, Latvia-icon Latviaball, Belarus-icon Belarusball, Poland-icon Polandball, and Kurzeme-icon Courlandball. The land area it controlled was around 108,808 km2 (42,011 sq mi).


German Empire (no hat)-icon Courland Districtball

German Empire (no hat)-icon Lithuania Districtball

German Empire (no hat)-icon Bialystok-Grodno Districtball

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