Odessa Oblastball (Ukrainian: Одеська область, Russian: Одесская область) is an oblastball located in Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball. It is the largest oblastball in Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball by area.


The history of Odessa-icon.png Odessa Oblastball begins in 6th century, when ancient Slavs-icon.png Slavballs inhabitated these lands between Southern Bug and Danube.

In 1240, this clay became a part of Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongol Empireball. But in 15th century, this regionball was annexed by Moldavia-icon.png Principality of Moldaviaball.

In 16th century, Bessarabiaball became a part of Ottoman Empire-icon.png Ottoman Empireball. After war between Russian-Empire2-icon.png Russian Empireball and Ottoman Empire-icon.png Ottoman Empireball, Bessarabiaball was annexed by Russian-Empire2-icon.png Russian Empireball.

After the collapse of Russian-Empire2-icon.png Russian Empireball in 1917, lower piece of Bessarabiaball (Budjackball) and Moldova-icon.png Moldovaball became a part of Romania-icon.png Romaniaball, and other clay became a part of Ukrainian People's Republic-icon.png Ukrainian People's Republicball.

While Russian SFSR (old)-icon.png Commies invaded Ukrainian People's Republic-icon.png Ukraineball, they created a puppet state called Communism-icon.png Odessa Socialist Republicball, that later became a part of Ukrainian SSR-icon.png Ukrainian SSRball. Officially, Odessa-icon.png Odessa Oblastball was created in 1932.

Then, in 1940, Soviet-icon.png USSRball returned Bessarabiaball, most of which was incorporated into Transnistria-icon.png Moldavian SSRball, but some clay was given to Odessa-icon.png Odessa Oblastball.

During World War II, it was occupied by Kingdom of Romania-icon.png Kingdom of Romaniaball, and administrated there as a part of Transnistriaball.

After WW II, Odessa-icon.png Odessa Oblastball was created again.

After Maidan in Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball, and annexation of Crimea-icon.png Crimeaball by Russia-icon.png Russiaball in 2014, he, with the support of Russia-icon.png Russiaball, tried to create Odessa People's Republicball, but he failed.


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