Organisation Xball was a resistance movementball that was active during the Nazi German occupation of Hellenic Stateball.Their main goals were to combat against Nazi Germanyball and Kingdom of Italyball. They were also involved in the constant infighting that the Greek Resistance Movementballs were subject to. Their enemy Greek resistanceballs were that of EAM/ELASball who were controlled by the Communist Party of Greece. Their main allies were that of UKballEDESball and Franceball.

Foundation and Immidiate Action

Organisation Xball was founded in 1941 by Georgios Grivas as a resistance organisation against Nazi Germanyball and Kingdom of Italyball along with their puppet state of Hellenic Stateball. Their operations included the spying for the allies, minor skermishes with German forces and transporting supplies to the Allies in the Middle East. Along with their fight against Nazi Germanyball they also began infighting with other Greek Resistanceballs such as EAM/ELASball. Due to this, they were accussed of engaging in collaboration with Nazi Germanyball which is a claim that Operation Xball has since denied.

Contribution to the White Terror

Organisation Xball, along with other right wing resistanceballs began a campaign of persecution against the left wing Resistanceballs like that of EAM/ELASball. Organisation Xball was responsible for contributing to the degradation of the Left Wing resistanceballs through the use of imprisonment and selective killings of many of their members. Organisation Xball in turn also released 34 members from a right wing resistance group. Organisation Xball was also responsible for the occupation of Kalamata and Peloponneseball in order to futher degrade the influence of left wing resistanceballs. This, along with other actions by other resistanceballs would eventually set the mood for the upcoming Greek Civil War.

Disbandment and Aftermath

Organisation Xball was disbanded in 1946, just before the inevitable Greek Civil War. Members of Organisation Xball would attempt to create a political party known as "The Party of X" but this would not last long considering the Greek Government saw this as an embarresment.

The Leader of Organisation Xball was decorated as a war hero by the Greek People and would later create another group called EOKAball which would fight in the Independence of Cyprusball, The Military Coup of Cyprus and 1974 Turkish Invasion of Cyprus.


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