Oriental Orthodoxyball also known as Monophysitismball, or more accurately, Miaphysitism, is a part of Christian-icon Christianityball, who rejected the reforms of the Council of Chalcedon in 451 out of fear it was too similar to Nestorianism-icon Nestorianismball, thus was considered a heretic by the other Orthodox Christianballs. He is an older form of Christianity.

Armenia-icon Armeniaball followed him because he was too busy fighting Sassanid-icon Sassanidball in 451 to go to the council meeting. Ethiopia-icon Ethiopiaball and a few other countries follow him too. Nubia-icon Nubiaball followed it until the 16th century. Also has major presence in Egypt-icon Egyptball under Coptic-icon Coptball and Eritrea-icon Eritreaball but also has tiny presence in the northern Middle East & India.

The three Orthodox communions are Oriental Orthodoxball, Western Orthodoxyball and Eastern Orthodoxball.

Oriental Orthodox Countryballs

Predominantly Oriental Orthodox

Notable Oriental Orthodox Minority