Ottoman Algiersball or The Regency of Algiersball was a vassal state of Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empireball in North Africa lasting from 1515 to 1830, when it was conquered by the French .


Ottoman Algiersball born as a 8-icon 8ball, adopted by Berbers-icon Berbersball, SPQR-icon SPQRball Byzantine-icon Byzantineball, Rustamid-icon Rustamid dynastyball, Zirid-icon Ziridball, Kingdom of Algiers-icon Kingdom of Algiersball and then Ottoman-icon Ottomanball.
His Son is Algeria-icon Algeriaball.




  • USA-icon USAball - Since we established relations, he tried to wreck my navy but fails then he signed Peace Treaties with me, then the relations were complicated.
  • Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball - Do I know this guy?


  • England-icon Englandball UK-icon UKball - You Two! Never changed, Just trying to invade Me!
  • Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball - Failure Invader!
  • France-icon Franceball - Oh this Guy never stops arguing with me about Peace Treaties, He used it just to spy on me! And he didn't pay his debts! 1827 and 1830 NEVER FORGET MURDERER! Remove Baguette!
  • Spanish-Empire-icon Spanish Empireball - Don't ever try to invade me again!

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