PLOball is an organizationball born in 1964 from United Arab Republicball, wanting All-Palestine Governmentball to be reborn. PLOball operates under many names, including Fatahball, PFLPball, PLFball, As-Sa'iqaball, etc. It is recognised as a terrorist organisation by West.

PLOball hates Israelcube because of historical reasons, PLOball launched many attacks against Israelcube in the 1960s, and in 1970 attacked Jordanball and was kicked out of West Bankball by Jordanball, so he fled to Lebanonball's clay, and start attacking Israelcube using Lebanonball clay, and it ended up in a giant trouble.

After a few more incidents, such as when PLOball captured Israelcube's plane and hid in Ugandaball's clay (though it was freed by Israelcube with help from Kenyaball), Israelcube and it's Lebanese Christian allies fought PLOball presence in Lebanonball, and later after an agreement monitored by USAball and Syriaball, they left Lebanonball and head to Tunisiaball in 1982. During the 1970s, PLOball also helped out Ugandaball during it's war against Tanzaniaball but lost.

After PLOball attacked Israelcube's boat near Cyprusball in 1985, Israelcube launched "Operation Wooden Leg" and attacked him in Tunisball. After Palestineball was born in 1988, PLOball came to the Oslo Accords of 1993 and agreed to stop attacking Israelcube and other countryballs, recognize Israelcube's right to exist, and become a peaceful political organization in Palestineball, though he no longer has as much influence as Hamasball, he is no longer considered a terrorist organization by any country, but some of his branches like PLFball and PFLPball are still designated terrorists.

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