Pahlavi Iranball or Pahlavi Persiaball (1925-35) was the dynasty of Persiaball/Iranball from 1925 to 1979. After that, he went into exile in Egypt-icon Egyptball and later USA-icon USAball.

He was also the Last Persian Monarchy, and really admires the Shah (The king of Iran) and the Pahlavi dynasty. He was killed in 1979 by his son Iran-icon Islamic Republic of Iranball during the Iranian Revolution. His father was Qajar. He is also a Puppet of American scum as he was with the coup of 1953



  • USA-icon USAball - Best western ally.
  • Turkey-icon Turkeyball - Best middle east ally.Why did you become friends with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Despite everything, I love you.
  • Israel-icon Israelcube - Good Friend of mine, I support Kosher's struggles.
  • Abyssinia-icon Ethiopian Empireball - Best African ally, We both a have rich ancient history dating back millenniums and we both have ancient monarchies. Selassie is the best. We can also into similar flags.
  • Egypt-icon Egyptball - Thanks for giving asylum, Sadat is the best.
  • Afghan-icon Kingdom of Afghanistanball - My wonderful neighbor who has a very similar government. Mohammed Zahir Shah is my friend.
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - My ally from the east. True Korea.
  • Japan-icon Japanball- Another ally, we both have ancient monarchies and history. Also our flags both feature a rising sun.


  • Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball - Red imperialist! GET OUT OF CAUCASUS!!!
  • UK-icon UKball - Western imperialist! GET OUT OF ABADAN AND LEAVE MY OIL ALONE!!!
  • France-icon Franceball - Stop gibbing Khomeini refugee! Throw the idiot man into the Atlantic Ocean, the bastard.
  • Gaddafi Libya-icon Gaddafiball- This idiot who likes Khomeini.

How to draw

Draw Palhavi Iranball is almost easy:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into three horizontal stripes, green, white and red
  2. Draw a yellow Persian lion with a rising sun
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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