Paranáball is a state of Brazilball. Paraná state borders Argentina-icon Argentinaball and Paraguay-icon Paraguayball in the Iguazu Falls in Foz do Iguaçuball city. Paraná also has very big ports like Antonina Port and Paranaguá Port both in the Atlantic Ocean.


Paranáball born as a 3-icon 3ball, adopted by Kingdom of Portugal-icon Kingdom of Portugalball, Brazilian Empire-icon Brazilian Empireball and Brazil-icon Brazilball. Rio Grande do Sul-icon Rio Grande do Sulball convinced him to leave Brazilball and become independent together with Santa Catarina-icon Santa Catarinaball. All three are currently trying to achieve that dream.



  • Rio Grande do Sul-icon Rio Grande do Sulball: I want to get my independence with him so I can get all the monies that I deserve.


  • Distrito Federal (Brasil)-icon Brasiliaball: Keeps giving to the Northwest all my money. Nobody likes him in reality. All corrupt politicians reside here.


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