The Peruvian War of Independence was a war fought between Spain-icon Spainball and her son Peru-icon Peruball, which was then the Viceroyalty of Peruball, over independence. It lasted from 1811 to 1824. Peru-icon Peruball was the last country to declare independence from Spain-icon Spainball in South America.


Before the War

The first times Peru-icon Peruball tried to become independent were the 3balls who were tired of Spanish rule in the late 18th century. The most famous of these was the Rebellion of Túpac Amaru II in 1780, who claimed he was a descendant of Incaball rulers. The rebellion was shut down by 1782, but it inspired many people to rebel. Later, other countries, such as Colombia-icon Colombiaball, declared independence formerly and had wars of their own. This urged the Viceroyalty of Peruball to declare independence.

The Beginning

During 1811-1815, there was a period of small uprisings in Upper Peruball and south Peruball. Most of these were unsuccessful, but (WIP)

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