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Now the Phoenicians Can get down to Business!
— bill wurtz

Phoeniciaball was a very strong and mighty kingdomball in the Levant. He can into inventings weird letters and trade. His son was Carthageball. Phoeniciaball made the first letters. Greeceball took Phoeniciaball's letters to make his own alphabet too.


Phoeniciaball evolved from Canaanball around 1200 BC. He invented the first non-hieroglyphic alphabet and was very rich. He also had many colonies all around the Mediterranean.

He was very tough due to his structure. He was conquered by Achaemenidball in 539 BC.

How to draw

Drawing Phoeniciaball is simple:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into two vertical stripes, blue and red
  2. Draw the eyes and you're finished.


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