Piquarawr is a cityrawr in Miami Countytriangle, Ohio-icon OhioRawr, USA-icon USAball. Piquarawr is where the well known book series known as Captain Underpants takes place.


Before the British Empire-icon British came into Piquarawr’s clay, 3-icon Natives lived in this clay. In 1747, the British Empire-icon British built the village of Fort Pickawillanyball around the area around Modern-day Piquarawr. In 1752 an 3-icon Odawa chief attacked Fort Pickawillanyball along with Kingdom of France-icon French troops, after this attack the British Empire-icon British and 3-icon Miami abandoned the area. The British Empire-icon British regained this clay after they won the British Empire-icon Seven Years War Kingdom of France-icon. Then the ColAmerica-icon USA-icon American Revolution British Empire-icon happened, and after USA-icon American victory, USA-icon USAball got this clay as a reward. In 1795, most of 3-icon the natives left to Missouri-icon Missouriball, leaving the population to be largely White. Then Piqua was settled as two separate communities, Upper Piqua and Lower Piqua, but the two villages merged in 1800. Then in 1807, he got incorporated into USA-icon USAball. When the British Empire-icon War of 1812 USA-icon was happening, Piquarawr was used as a stop for the soldiers and their supplies moving to the north. The Miami and Erie Canal was started being constructed in 1825, and finished 20 years later in 1845. It is a former canal going from Cincinnati-icon Cincinnatiball to Toledo-icon Toledoball, and it passed through Piquarawr. The former 8-icon (colony) slave-populated community of RossvilleRawr became part of Piquarawr in 1846. Most of the 8-icon former slaves went to settle in RumleyRawr. During the USA-icon American Civil War CSA-icon, Piquarawr found itself on USA-icon The Union's side. Starting in the late 1800's and throughout the 20th century, Piquarawr was a major center for underwear manufacturing. In 1913 there was a flooding that deeply affected Piquarawr, this flood was known as the Great Dayton Flood and it killed about 360 people and costed areas affected by it 100,000,000 USA-icon 💵 US dollars. This flood also resulted in the abandonment of the Miami and Erie Canal. During USA-icon World War I German Empire-icon, there was a boat named after Piquarawr in the navy. It was called the 🚢 USS Piqua. Piquarawr began a nuclear power plant that operated from 1962 to 1966, leading them to be nicknamed "The Atomic City". In 1970, the first mall in Piquarawr opened. It's called Miami Valley Crossing (It used to be called Piqua East Mall). They renovated it in the late-90's. In 1988, they made an annual underwear festival that was disbanded shortly after. The reason that is was cancelled is because of the demolition of an underwear factory formerly owned by Medalist-Allen A. He was from the Atlas Underwear Company. Also in 1988, the other mall in Piquarawr, Miami Valley Centre Mall, opened. It remodeled in the mid-90's. In 1997, the first Captain Underpants book was published by Scholastic. The book was written by Dav Pilkey. The series took place in Piquarawr's clay, making Piquarawr a little bit more popular. Right now, there are 12 books, a movie, a Netflix original series, and spin-offs all contributing to Piquarawr's (slight) popularity. Recently in 2018, in the Miami Valley Centre Mall, the Elder-Beerman there closed. Sears plans to close their store in said mall later in 2019. It is still just your everyday USA-icon American city.


Piqua is thought the be from a 3-icon Shawnee phrase. It is "Othath-He-Waugh-Pe-Qua". It means "He has risen from the ashes" relating to one of the 3-icon Shawnee folk stories. It was associated with the 3-icon Pekowi division of the 3-icon Shawnees. They eventually got known as the 3-icon Piqua.



  • Daytonball: That flood was horrible! I hope that you’re okayings, brother.
  • Troyball (Ohio): Just ‘cuz I hatings yous in football doesn’t mean I don’t feelings bad for youings in flood.
  • Canada-icon Canadaball: My grand-uncle. I have your coffee place, Tim Hortons! Many thanks!
  • JapanRawr: You probably know by now (I will just say it again for fun, JapanRawr can into RAWR!).
  • Dav Pilkey: MADE ME (kind of) FAMOUS!!! MANY THANK YOUS!!!


  • Jihad-icon Any other terrorist: I SAIDS STOPINGS!!!!!!!

Fun Facts

  • If you look at Google Maps, you can find out that Piquarawr has Tim Hortons in his clay, which is weird, considering that Tim Hortons is mostly found in Canada-icon Canadaball.
  • ​​The creator of the Captain Underpants series, Dav Pilkey, chose this city for the series, due to Piquarawr having a short-lived underpants festival, and it’s history of underwear manufacturing.
  • There is another city in Kentucky-icon Kentuckyball named "Piqua", but it was not inspired by Piquarawr, rather, it was named after the 3-icon Piqua (3-icon Pekowi) tribe of the 3-icon Shawnees.

How to Draw

  1. Just draw  Ohio-icon Ohiorawr.
  2. Write “Piqua” on it.
  3. Draw the eyes and you’re finished!




Piquarawr images (Countryballs)

Piquarawr images (Countryballs)

This is the video where the images “Piquarawr’s Family” and “New Member of Rawr Club“ come from. The animation at the end is supposed to be a gif.