Pisaball is a city in Tuscany-icon Tuscanyball, Italy-icon Italyball, famous for his tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It's the capital city of the Province of Pisa.


Pisaball was founded by Etruscan-icon Etruscanball and adopted by SPQR-icon SPQRball, Western Roman Empire-icon Western Roman Empireball, Kingdom of Odoacer-icon Kingdom of Odoacerball, Ostrogothic Kingdom-icon Ostrogothic Kingdomball, Byzantine-icon Byzantineball, Kingdom of the Lombards-icon Kingdom of the Lombardsball, Carolingian-icon Carolingianball and Florence-icon March of Tuscanyball. In 1000 AD it became independent as the Pisa-icon Republic of Pisaball but it later got annexed by Florence-icon Republic of Florenceball. Then it became adopted by Duchy of Florenceball, Grand Duchy of Tuscany-icon Grand Duchy of Tuscanyball, Kingdom of Etruria-icon Kingdom of Etruriaball, Napoleonic-icon First French Empireball, Grand Duchy of Tuscany-icon Grand Duchy of Tuscanyball (again), Italian-Empire-icon United Provinces of Central Italyball, Italian-Empire-icon Kingdom of Italyball, and finally Italy-icon Italyball.


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