Plockball is a city of Polandball.


Plockball was founded at the end of the tenth century by Slavsball. In the Middle Ages Plockball was the capital of Duchy of Masoviaball. Plockball was the capital of Kingdom of Polandball for a short time. The city was frequently invaded by the Kingdom of Prussiaball and Lithuaniaball. In 1793 as a result of the second partition of Polandball Plockball came under the rule of Kingdom of Prussiaball. In 1920 it took place 21-hour defend the city against the Soviet Unionball, who headed here after a failed attack on Wloclawekball. During World War II Plockball was occupied by the Nazi Germanyball. Now Plockball located in Polandball.

How to draw

1. Draw a circle

2. Color it Yellow - Dark blue

3. Paint a red stripe between yellow and blue color.

4. Draw eyes and you've finished.

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