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|image1 = Pluto_and_star.png
|caption1 = I cannot into Planet...
Pluto is a planet
Notice the heart?...
|type = <s> still a planet </s> (Binary) Dwarf planet (since 2006)
|semi-major_axis = 39.48 AU
|eccentricity = 0.2488
|inclination = 17.16°
|orbital_period = 248 y (90560 d)
|radius = 1188.3 ± 0.8 km
|surface_area = 1.779×10<sup>7</sup> km<sup>2</sup>
|volume = (7.057±0.004)×10<sup>9</sup> km<sup>3</sup>
|mass = (1.303 ± 0.003)×10<sup>22</sup> kg
|rotational_period = 6.387230 d
|obliquity = 122.53°
|personality = Antisocial, depressed, cynical
|friends = {{I|Aerican Empire}} [[Aerican Empireball]] <br> {{I|Charon}} [[Charonball]] <br> {{I|Nix}} [[Nixball]] <br> {{I|Hydra}} [[Hydraball]] <br> {{I|Moon}} [[Styxball]] <br> {{I|Moon}} [[Kerberosball]] <br> {{I|Makemake}} [[Makemakeball]]
|enemies = {{I|Earth}} [[Earthball|2006 WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE!]] <br>
[[File:Prague-icon.png]] [[Pragueball]] (city where I was excluded from solar system!) <br> {{I|Russia}} [[Russiaball|Dirty Humans who are bigger than me]]
{{I|Neptune}} [[Neptuneball]] <br> {{I|Eris}} [[Erisball]]
|row21 = Planet planet!
|row23 = I wish God would make me bigger than the Earth itself!
|name = {{I|Pluto}} Plutoball {{I|Pluto}}
|mean density = 1.854 ± 0.006 g/cm<sup>3</sup>
|status = Hoping that e one day will be a planet again, because I was a dwarf planet since August 2006.
|notes = I wise that God would make me of bigger than earth himself
{{Quote|Pluto cannot into Planet}}
'''Plutoball''' is a <s>legitimate planet</s> dwarf planet in the solar system. He is ~1184 km in radius and ~16,65 million km² in surface area, making it slightly smaller than {{I|Russia}} [[Russiaball]] (In terms of surface area). {{I|Aerican Empire}} [[Aerican Empireball]] owns its Northern Hemisphere.
He <s>is</s> used to be into being a planet, but {{I|Earth}} [[Earthball]] decided he didn't count as one. Even when he was considered a planet, he was always a misfit, with a highly inclined and eccentric orbit. Mercury isn't happy that Pluto isn't a planet anymore. He could be considered a binary planet due to his largest moon {{I|Charon}} [[Charonball]].
On the 14th of July, 2015, {{I|USA}} [[USAball]] reached Pluto with the spacecraft ''New Horizons'', which uncovered for the first time what his surface looked like in detail. Pluto has an atmospheric pressure of ~1 Pa, which is much larger than {{I|Mercury}} Mercury's but still significantly less than {{I|Mars}} Mars's. 
Plutoball seems to contain a mantle of water-ice, and a silicate or metallic core. He appears reddish-brown due to the presence of tholins on his surface. 
==Surface Features==
Plutoball's surface is rather varied, ranging from charcoal-black patches to white glaciers. He also appears to be geologically active, a fact that surprised many scientists. Signs even point to past or ongoing plate tectonics, as well as a sunsurface ocean.
==Orbit - Rotation==
Plutoball's orbit may only be metastable, as influences from the {{I|Jupiter}}{{I|Saturn}}{{I|Uranus}}{{I|Neptune}}{{I|Planet Nine}} Outer Planets can gradually change his orbit. However, more recent studies show that his 2:3 orbital resonance with {{I|Neptune}} Neptuneball could be more stable than initially thought. Currently, his estimated orbital period is 248 years. His orbit is highly inclined and eccentric, with their values at ~17.16° and ~0.2488 respectively. He is tidally locked to his binary companion, Charonball.
==How to draw==
Draw Plutoball is simple:
# Color the basic circle shape of <font color="#c1a38b">'''this colour'''</font>
# Draw a heart shape near the bottom center of <font color="#f4caa4">'''this colour'''</font>
# Draw 2 dark brown blobs at the bottom, beside the heart of <font color="#301f0f">'''this colour'''</font>
# Draw some light brown "scratches" above the left blob of <font color="#997d68">'''this colour'''</font>
# Draw the eyes and you are finished.
[[File:225px-Nh-pluto-in-true-color_2x_JPEG-edit-frame.jpg|thumb|left|150px|A real life photo of Pluto for reference]]
Pluto and star.png
A Pluto story.png
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Pluto is a planet

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