"Pluto cannot into Planet"

Plutoball is a planet dwarf planet in the solar system.

It is of 1184 km in radius and of 16,65 millions km² in surface area. It is smaller than Russiaball. Aerican Empireball owns Northern Half.

He used to be into being a planet, but Earthball decided he didn't count as one. Even when he was considered planet, was always a bit of a misfit. He's kind of like the Poland of the solar system, still he is sad about it, he really like being of a planet

On July 14, 2015 USAball reached Pluto with a spacecraft.

How to draw

Draw Plutoball is simple:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of this colour
  2. Draw a heart shape near the bottom center of this colour
  3. Draw 2 dark brown blobs at the bottom, beside the heart of this colour
  4. Draw some light brown "scratches" above the left blob of this colour
  5. Draw the eyes and you are finished.


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