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{{infobox countryball|government = {{I|Monarchy}} Kingdom|language = {{I|English}} English|type = Cityball|affiliation = [[Montserratball]], [[UKball]]|image = Plymouthball (Montserrat).png|founded = 17th Century|ended = 1997|status=Permanently dead after volcanic eruption|name = Plymouthball|reality = Territory of [[UKball]]|religion = {{I|Christianity}} [[Christianityball|Christianity]]|friends = {{I|UK}} [[UKball]], [[File:Montserrat-icon.png]] [[Montserratball]]|enemies = Volcanoes|hates = Volcanoes}}'''Plymouthball''' is the ''de jure'' capital of {{I|Montserrat}} [[Montserratball]], an oversea [[UKball|British]] territory. It's no longer alive. He died from a massive volcanic eruption in 1997 along with some villages in southern part of [[Montserratball]].
[[Category:English Speaking Countryball]]
[[Category:English Speaking Countryball]]

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