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|2016 February
|2016 February
! scope="row" |8
! scope="row" |9
|[[User:Samos Mapper|Samos Mapper]]
|[[User:Samos Mapper|Samos Mapper]]
|For having added a lot of Comics and Categories
|For having added a lot of Comics and Categories

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The Editor of the Month is an award by the Admins, mainly buy IDrowzee, of the Polandball Wiki. The user of the month changes every month.
The award was created buy IDrowzee since May 22th, 2015.

How to get the award

Awarded user did the following:

1. Upload comics
2. Helpful
3. Lots of edits

List of Users who got the Editor of the Month award

no. Awarded Person Name Reason why

Which month

1 Toatapio Nuva For accually uploading comics 2015 May
2 Italian Mysterious Contributor For being helpfull and stuff 2015 June
3 Antonio12ITA For being incalculably amazing 2015 July
5 Privatejfx141 For consistently uploading

2015 September

6 IDrowzee For updating this too late lol 2015 October
- none none 2015 November
- none none 2015 December
7 BainTheCool For fixed the chat and being helpful 2016 January
8 Collisions For Making Good Images & created Comic Competitions 2016 February
9 Samos Mapper For having added a lot of Comics and Categories 2016 March

Special: Editor of the Year

The Editor of the Year is an special award created by Antonio12ITA since December 31th, 2015. Is possible take this award doing many work for all the year.

no. Awarded Person Name Reason why

Which year

1 Italian Mysterious Contributor For his outstanding work did on this Wikia. 2015
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