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    Dear Polandballers...

    Most of you have already heard about the sad news regarding brain4breakfast. He passed away 2 months ago, as told by Polandball Reddit moderator DickRhino. brain4breakfast was a very famous Polandball comic maker, Reddit moderator, and was very well on his way to be a rising star on YouTube with his in-depth videos on world events and history using Polandball.

    One of his most famous pieces was the first Polandball Map of the World back in 2014.

    brain4breakfast is also prominently known on Reddit for creating "The Adventures of the [Letter] Countries", which has every country that starts with a certain letter in the comic.

    • ("A" Countries, first comic in series)

    His most recent comic in this series is the "Q" Countries, which only has Qatar. DickRhino is considering starting community projects focused on b4b's comic series on Reddit to finish where he left off.

    While brain4breakfast may not have been a part of this wiki in particular, needless to say, he was still a part of and very well-known in the Polandball community as a whole, especially on Reddit and YouTube. He may no longer be with us, but we know his legacy in his artwork and videos on YT will live on and that people who watch his videos or read his comics will be inspired by his work to make content of their own.

    brain4breakfast will dearly be missed by all of us in the Polandball community and those who watch his videos, but as a community, he will forever be in our hearts. May he rest in peace.

    - The Polandball Wiki Admin

    • Brain4Breakfast's YouTube Channel
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