Prague-icon.png Pragueball is the capital city and biggest city of Czech-icon.png Czechball. Prague's people love hockey, football and drink a lot of beer. In Prague, people come from Czech-icon.png Czechiaball, Slovakia-icon.png Slovakia, Russia-icon.png Russia, Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine and Vietnam-icon.png Vietnam. Prague also has a museum of Communism. 


About 1200 years ago thousands of Slavic people lived on this clay. In 1500 Pragueball was created and named. Pragueball was occupied by Soviet-icon.png Sovietball and Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball after Czechia got out of communism and became liberal democratic.





  • Prague is best
  • Prague = Czech Republic
  • Prague is liberal
  • Prague can into beer
  • Prague is the best Paris of the East
  • Prague can into metro
  • Vodka?
  • drunk?


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