Prahovaball is a countyball of Romania-icon.png Romaniaball, mostly known for oil, wine and winter resorts.


Prahovaball born as a 2ball, adopted by Daciaball, Wallachiaball and Romaniaball.

USAball bombed him in 1944 for oil for being Nazi back then.

How to draw

Drawing Prahovaball is a bit hard:

  1. Draw a circle divided in three equal sides
  2. Fill the top left side with this blue , the top right side with this brown and the bottom side with this red
  3. In the top left side, draw a black goat on a grey rock looking at some brown grapes
  4. In the top right side, draw a black tower
  5. In the bottom side, draw a grey open book
  6. Draw eyes and you're finished

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