Principality of Bulgariaball was a Bulgarian principality under Ottoman suzeranity.


Bulgariaball born as a 2ball, adopted by SPQRball, Byzantineball and Ottomanball. After he was restored as a nation-stateball in 1878, he was deemed too stronk, so a treaty signed in Berlinball partitioned the clay he was promised, turning his Southern half into an Ottoman autonomous region by the name of Eastern Rumeliaball, returning Macedoniaball to Ottomanball, and giving smaller areas of him to Serbiaball and Romaniaball as compensation for the war. Bulgariaball himself was left as a de jure Ottoman vassal (but de facto independent). In 1885 he united his clay with that of Eastern Rumeliaball after a bloodless revolution but had to fight off an invasion by Serbiaball. Finally, in 1908, he declared independence as Bulgaria-icon Kingdom of Bulgariaball.





  • Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empireball - Yuo killed my father and still try to play my stepfather. Just wait until I grow up and remove kebab!
  • Serbia-icon Kingdom of Serbiaball - TRAITOR! What do yuo have against me uniting with my little brother?
  • UK-icon UKball - Yuo support kebab and asked to split my clay.
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