Moldaviaball is the medieval country whose son is Moldova-icon Moldovaball and son is Romania-icon Romaniaball.



On the remains of Daciaball the Romanian kniezates built settlements in a diversely populated region. Dragos I came in to help the kniezates from the Tatars, and founded Moldova.

The 15th century was her greatest one, because Stefan the Great became the ruler. She is a Hungarian/Ottomans/Polish/Tatar slayer. She fought 42 battles, and she lost only 2 times. Her greatest battle was the Battle of Vasuli, where 40,000 men beat a 120,000+ Ottoman army. After every battle she built a church, and some of them are in the UNESCO patrimony.

She was a stronk kebab remover throughout middle ages. Her greatest moment was when Stefan the Great who kept removing kebab everytime they attacked asked all european Christian nations to join him in a final strike against kebab, sort of like a 9th crusade, unfortunately nobody joined.

While she was fighting against kebab, traitor Pole attacked her but Moldavia removed him as well.

In 17th century she came to be dominated and vassalised by kebab and things started to go downhill.

In 1812, she was split in two when her eastern half was taken by Russian Empireball, two independencines later becoming Moldovaball.

In 1859, the western half united with Wallachiaball to form the United Principalities-icon United Principalities of Wallachia and Moldaviaball, later becoming Romaniaball.

How to draw

Although rarely used on comics,here's how to draw it:

  1. Draw a circle and fill it with dark red
  2. Draw the Aurochs head coat of arms of this gold.
  3. Draw eyes and some background


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