Principality of Theodoroball (also Gothiaball) was a Medieval Greek-Gothic state, which was the second to last Roman state to exist (it was part of the Byzantine Empire, but when the 4th Crusade occupied Constantinople, much of the Empire’s territory gained independence as new kingdoms, such as Latin Empireball, Empire of Trebizondball, Empire of Nicaeaball, Kingdom of Thessalonicaball, Duchy of Athensball, Principality of Achaeaball, Despotate of Epirusball, Sultanate of Rumball, and others. This led to a horrible mess, and Theodoroball was under the control of Empire of Trebizondball. But, after it lost wars which led to the loss of Overseas Provinces, Theodoroball gained independence. After this, Theodoroball went stable for a lot of years, but it lost the North of the Crimean Peninsula to Golden Hordeball, and the East to Republic of Genoaball. But, after Golden Hordeball fell, Ottoman Empireball established Crimean Khanateball in the North, which subsequently conquered Genoa’s holdings. This was a really bad situation for Theodoroball, which he would inevitably die, which he did. And in that year, 1475, the last bastion of Byzantine Empireball disappeared.


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