Pristinaball, or Prishtinaball, is the capital city of Kosovoball.


Prishtinaball was founded in 168 BC by SPQRball, and adopted by Byzantineball, First Bulgarian Empireball, Byzantineball (again), Kingdom of Serbiaball, Ottoman Empireball, HREball, Ottoman Empireball, Kingdom of Serbiaball, Kingdom of Bulgariaball, Kingdom of Serbiaball, Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball, Albanian Kingdomball (1939-1943) (puppet of Fascist Italyball and Naziball), Yugoslaviaball, Serbia and Montenegroball, UNball and Kosovoball. Her current Father, Kosovoball is recognized by many countries, including USAball(but also not recognized by many, including russia and china)