I am of next US state (and my secret name is Despacitoball)
PuertoRico-icon Puerto Rico
Despacito, Quiero desnudarte a besos despacito
PuertoRico-icon Puerto Rico singing Despacito

Puerto Ricoball, officially the Commonwealth of Despacito Puerto Ricoball, which means "Rich Port" in Spanish, is an unincorporated territory of USA-icon USAball living in the Caribbean. While he doesn't have any neighbors due to being an island, he is very close to his two brothers Cuba-icon Cubaball and Dominican-icon Dominican Republicball. The country is divided into 78 municipalities, including his capital San Juan-icon (Puerto Rico) San Juanball located in the Northeast, giving him a total area of 3,515 square miles. As of 2018, he has a population of about 3.195 million inhabitants and decreasing due to the large ammounts of Puerto Ricans moving to mainland USA due to recent hurricanes like Hurricane Maria and Irma.

Due to being a territory of USAball, he is not able to join any international organizations. However, he does host a few of USA's bases, which help give NATO-icon NATOball influence in the Caribbean.

His national day is June 10th.

Puerto Rico is usually very nice to anyone, but he gets very mad if he gets confused with Cuba-icon Cubaball. He can also get very cocky. He is also thinking more every day about returning to live with Spain-icon Spainball due to USA-icon USAball not letting him into America. Sometimes. He's getting flirty.

Fun facts

  • Puerto Rico has the most clay of all US territories, and even has more land than two US states. In other words, he is the largest territory.
  • Puerto Ricoball copied his look from Cuba-icon Cubaball to show support to the Cuban and Puerto Rican wars for independence.
  • Puerto Rico isn't just an island, but rather an archipelago.
  • 70% of USA-icon USAball's rum comes from Puerto Ricoball.
  • San Juan is the oldest European-founded city in all of the US (and territories).
  • He has a bioluminescent bay.
  • If you include Spanish-Empire-icon Spanish Empireball, Puerto Ricoball is actually older than USA-icon USAball.
  • His name wasn't always Puerto Rico. Before the Spanish came, it was called "Boriké" and then it was called San Juan Bautista and the capital was called Puerto Rico. Jealous of the name the capital had, he decided to switch it. However, it doesn't make sense for an archipelago to be callled Puerto Rico as it means Rich Port.
  • He have another referendum to decide whether he can into state or independence. He chosen become a state.
  • He didn't get into America. So now he wants to be anschlussed by his Spain-icon mother again.
  • He got hit by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. After those hurricanes, he almost died.




  • Haiti-icon Haitiball - Gave aid to him after the 2010 earthquake.
  • Dominican-icon Dominican Republicball y Cuba-icon Cubaball - Mis Blothels Favoritos, tenemos many things in common like platano, Merengue, bachata, salsa and historical figures but they want me to be independent and they hate me because of my perfect regueton
    • Dominican-iconCoño es que estamos jartos de despafuckincito y el conejito malo
    • Cuba-icon: Por algo lo banie bori...
    • PuertoRico-icon: jodanse putos
  • Jamaica-icon Jamaicaball - Both haven't interacted much to even have a relationship.
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - They bring over Samsung and play LoL. I fought his North Korea-icon evil brother. However, DESPACITO ES MAS VIEWED THAN GANGNAM STYLE NOW! JAJAJAJAJAJA! He is my music rival.


  • Venezuela-icon Venezuelaball - What do you think you are doing? Bolivar thinks you suck...
  • DCball - He won't make me a state because he wants to become the 51st State Hijo de $&¨#@.


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