Quebec Cityball is the capital cityball of Quebecball in Canadaball. It is one of the oldest settlements in North America.

Founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain on a site formerly called Stadacona, once inhabited by 3balls.

Troops from southern USAball tried to anschluss Quebec Cityball during the American Revolution, but were defeated with the hopes that the people of Quebecball would rise up and join the revolution. USAball tried again to anschluss Canadaball's lands during the War of 1812, but was unsuccessful again. Canadaball, fearful of another attack from his brother, built the Citadelle of Quebec in 1820 which today still stands as a tourist attraction.

Its most famous and best-known landmark is the Château Frontenac hotel.

Today, Quebec Cityball is a well-known tourist destination in Canadaball showcasing a modern vibe while still keeping its old-world charm. It's best known for its Winter Carnival, held 10 days every year in February.

It desperately wants back into hockey, a long time ago its team the Nordiques left to go to Denverball to become the Avalanche. Thanks to that, he hates Denverball now. It tried to get an expansion franchise recently, but Las Vegasball got it instead.





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