Quebec is like Phoebe from that Magic School Bus show about how she never shuts up about her old school. In Quebec’s case, that old school is France.
— Cody on AlternateHistoryHub (YouTube channel)

Québecball is a province of Canada-icon.png Canadaball which speaks French, directly descending from New France-icon.png New Franceball and so from France-icon.png Franceball. He makes the 80% of the world's maple syrup and tries desperately to gain independence, but all his attempts keep failing but he cannot decide if it is the best choice.


In 1608 Kingdom of France-icon.png French Empireball discovered him, a 3-icon.png native. Due to the preference of the French to live in Europe rather than on this other side of the world where the winters are pains, almost nobody settled in the huge territories of New-Franceball. And so the population grew slowly, until the french got (most of) their shit together, around 1663. Eclipsed by other colonies in size, and ignored by Kingdom of France-icon.pngFranceball who was busy in Europeball's clay, UK-icon.png British Empireball conquered him with a lack of luck and a limited french and native opposition (which still caused monstrous human damage to him), and annexed him in 1759. Filthy loyalists from Thirteen Coloniesball then came, took half of the New-French territories, named "Canadaball". Meanwhile, in 1838, Québecball tried to revolt, kick out UKball and create a Republic, but the plan failed. Later, they had two (failed) referendums for independence. (If you disagree about his nation status, he'll stab you with a very sharp hockey stick made out of maple syrup candy).

He developed Poutine and Queue-de-castor in his food laboratory but he never managed to develop a French cuisine because of his horrible British habits.

Romantic, he sometimes looks on the eastern horizon saying :

"Ma patrie deviendra le plus beau moment de ma vie!"


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Les alliés/ Allies

  • France-icon.png Franceball - Maman!!! Je te promets qu'un jour je deviendrais la plus puissante nation francophone en amerique... Mais suis-je suffisamment grande pour vivre indépendamment? à quoi cela ressemblera-t-il?? Aide moi! Merci beaucoup de me donner Nicolas et Pimprenelle!
  • Paris-icon.png Parisball - (Cri) Pourquoi Notre-Dame?!
  • Louisiana-icon.png Louisianaball - Petite Soeur. Tu n'est pas si mauvaise en fait.
  • New Brunswick-icon.png New Brunswickball - Votre accent est encore pire que le mien, mais vous avez toujours beaucoup de fruits de mer.
  • Ontario-icon.png Ontarioball - Osti d'loyaliste!
  • Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball - Ma mère t'a écrasé au soccer honhonhon
  • Texas-icon.png Texasball - Je suis le Texas du Canada.
  • Cascadia-icon.png Cascadiaball - On peut devenir séparatiste ensemble! Hon hon hon!!

Ennemis de l'état/Enemies

Il peut haïr n'importe qui s'il en a envie.

How to draw

  1. Draw a circle
  2. Color background sky Blue (RGB: 0, 36, 150)
  3. Draw a white cross
  4. Draw four fleur-de-lis in the four blue spaces, but you can draw white crosses if you're lazy
  5. Add eyes and done.


  • "Poutine"
  • "Vive La France!"
  • "Câlice d'osti de saint ciboire!"
  • Le Nord C'est Nous!
  • "Merci Beaucoup Mon Amie"
  • "Câlice d'osti d'tabarnak d'épais d'anglo a marde!!!"


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