Quebecball is a province of Canada-icon Canadaball which speaks (broken) French, directly descending from New France-icon New Franceball and so from France-icon Franceball. He makes the 80% of the world's maple syrup and tries desperately to gain independence, but can't decide if he really wants it. He likes to give headaches to Canada.


In 1608 Kingdom of France-icon French Empireball discovered him, a 3-icon native. Due to the preference of the French to live in Europe rather than on this other side of the world where the winters are pains, almost nobody settled in the huge territories of New-Franceball. And so the population grew slowly, until the french got (most of) their shit together, around 1663. Eclipsed by other colonies in size, and ignored by Kingdom of France-iconFranceball who was busy in Europeball's clay, UK-icon British Empireball conquered him with a lack of luck and a limited french and native opposition (which still caused monstrous human damage to him), and annexed him in 1759. Filthy loyalists from Thirteen Coloniesball then came, took half of the New-French territories, named "Canadaball". Meanwhile, in 1838, Québecball tried to revolt, kick out UKball and create a Republic, but the plan failed. Later, they had two (failed) referendums for independence. (If you disagree about his nation status, he'll stab you with a very sharp hockey stick made out of maple syrup candy).

He developed Poutine and Queue-de-castor in his food laboratory but he never managed to develop a French cuisine because of his horrible British habits.

Romantic, he sometimes looks on the eastern horizon saying : "one day will come my own time"...



He sometimes enjoys hating them.

The Francophonie

  • France-icon Franceball - Mémé!!! J'promête-vous qui un jour je deviendra d'un powerful  PAIS francophonie en l'Ameriques... Mais suis je sufficientment adulte pour vivre independentment? à quoi cela ressemble-t-il?? Aidez moi! merci beaucoup de me donner Nicolas et Pimprenelle!
  • Paris-icon Parisball - (Cri) Pourquoi Notre Dam?!
  • Louisiana-icon Louisianaball - Soeur petite. Tu n'êtes pas si mauvais en fait.
  • New Brunswick-icon New Brunswickball - Your accent is even worse than mine, but you still have a lot of seafood.
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - Dad claims that he invented maple syrup and poutine! Please ¬¬ (Je ne suis pas Canadian... Je suis Québecois)
  • Ontario-icon Ontarioball - Esti d'loyaliste!
  • Cameroon-icon Cameroonball - one of his regions is stupid Anglophone.


  • Russia-icon Russiaball - His leader's name sounds like poutine.
  • Belarus-icon Belarusball - I like her three eyes. She is also Russia-icon Russiaball's best friend.
  • Argentina-icon Argentinaball - I like him because he hates UKball. (Why I need to obey a Queen that lives in the other side of the Atlantic in England ... Je ne parle pas l'anglais). Les Malvinas sont Argentinas!
  • Nunavut-icon Nunavutball - Thanks for the territory igloo dweller. Also he doesn't speak Anglais like me.
  • Poitou-Charentes-icon Poitou-Charentesball - We meet together before we set sail in the ship on 2008.
  • Southern Cameroons-icon Southern Cameroonsball - Enough said.


He can hate anyone if he feels like it.

  • Nunavut-icon Nunavutball - Natives.
  • UK-icon UKball - Go back to Europe grandpa! REMOVE ANGLO!!! I will never speak English... wait a second ... D'Oh tabarnak (Je parlais anglais).
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - VIVE LE QUÉBEC LIBRE²!
  • USA-icon USAball - REMOVE BURGER INFLUENCE! Vous destroyed Louisiana's french culture! Je will destroy votre!
  • Ontario-icon Ontarioball - Go back to burgerland vous smelly loyalist! Votre clay was mine!!! Invaders!!!!
  • Rwanda-icon Rwandaball - He hates French and likes English. He also does not support my independence.
  • Alberta-icon Albertaball

How to draw

  1. Draw a circle
  2. Color background sky Blue (RGB: 0, 36, 150)
  3. Draw a white cross
  4. Draw four fleur-de-lis in the four blue spaces, but you can draw white crosses if you're lazy
  5. Add eyes and done.


  • "Squareheads"
  • "Poutine"
  • "Tabarnak"
  • "Caliss d'esti de saint ciboire!"
  • Je ne parle eh ou aboot, (Je ne parle Anglais). Je ne suis même pas une flèche droite comme cet idiot ... pour la dernière fois que je ne suis pas le Canada!!!
  • "Colis d'esti d'tabarnak d'épais d'anglo a marde!!!" -About Canada