Rashidunball was the first ever Caliphate-icon.png caliphateball.

It was a powerful empire that can of spreading Islam-icon.png Islam so quick that no one except Umayyad-icon.png some rebels can stop them.





  • Kingdom of Aksum-icon.png Kingdom of Aksumball - Shukron for gib refugees for Rasulullah and kebabs from the Paganist Qurayish. Also yuor citizen, Bilal bin Rabbah RA was a good man. He was the first man who peal adzan. Shukron once again.
  • Abbasid-icon.png Anshar - Shukron for gib refugees and headquarter before into conquering mecca. Anshar and Muhajireen were the Best tribes I ever met. And Shukron for being second kebab clan. May Allah bless yuo.
  • Mughal-icon.png Mughalball - thx of spreading Islam with tolerance!


  • Ancient Mecca-icon.png Kafir Quraish - Remove that dirty and silly Al-Latt and Uzza idol from the Holy kaabah! And stop trying to anschluss me! Yuo who tried but yuorself who got anschlussed!
  • Sassanid-icon.png Sassanidball and Byzantine-icon.png Byzantineball - killing my ambassadors huh? even used elephant corpses and elite forces but yuo can't into beat me. Allah blessed ! Also never of forget the Battle of Yarmouk, where yuo field 200,000 soldiers and we only of field 25,000 soldiers, yet we still of won the battle! And I will never forget the Battle of Qadisiyyah where yuo field 50.000 soldiers and we only have 30.000 soldiers, and WE WON!!!
  • Umayyad-icon.png Umayyadball - pls stop of revolting!
  • ISIS-icon.png ISISball - Stop dignity worse!

How to Draw

Rashidunball is the second simplest countryball to draw

  1. Draw a circle
  2. Draw two circles for eyes
  3. Color body black
  4. You are done.


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