Ravennaball is a city of Emilia-Romagna-icon Emilia-Romagnaball, Italy-icon Italyball.


Ravennaball was born as a 2-icon 2ball. Before Italic Indo-Europeans began arriving in Italy-icon Italyball, Etruscanballs lived in Ravennaball, Along with the Etruscans, there were Umbriaballs, Gaulballs (in the north), and Thessalyballs, who all lived in Ravenna as well. For the majority of the time that these groups held Ravenna, the people lived in houses, which were situated on piles that were on small islands. When Romans were conquering Italian clay (as well as clay around the Po River Delta), they didn't care much about Ravennaball. However, Romans did administer it as a federated town in 89 BCE. This city did gain notable attention when the Roman Dictator Julius Caesar decided to place his forces there before he and his army men would cross the Rubicon River. This city would also gain attention when Emperor Augustus founded the Military Harbor of Classe, which was next to Ravenna.

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