Red Kurdistan (or Kurdistansky Uyezd) was a Soviet-icon Soviet administrative unit of the USSR.


Red Kurdistanball was first born on July 7, 1923. He lasted for 6 months until he was dissolved on April 8, 1929. The Kurdistan Okrug replaced him on May 30, 1930. The Soviet authorities made the Kurdistan Okrug so they can "attract the sympathies" of Kurdish people from neighboring countries such as Turkey-icon Turkeyball and Iran-icon Iranball and so they could take an advantage on the Kurdistan-icon Kurdish movements in those 2 countries. But some other high authorities in the Soviet-icon USSR opposed this because they thought it would damage their relationship with Turkey and Iran. So they dissolved the Kurdistan Okrug and sent the Kurdish people from Azerbaijan-icon Azerbaijanball and Armenia-icon Armeniaball to Kazakhstan-icon Kazakhbrick.

Also in 1992, Armenia-icon Armeniaball captured Lachin (Red Kurdistan's capital) when the Soviet-icon USSR split.


  • Kurdistan-icon Kurdistanball- I'm Kurdish like him. So, I guess we're like brothers?
  • Soviet-icon Sovietball- My dad that dissolved me. What did you do that for?!? I did nothing to you...

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