Reginaball is the capital cityball of Saskatchewanball, one of the Prairie provinceballs of Canadaball.

It was once the seat of government of Northwest Territoriesball.


Reginaball was settled in 1882 after the then lieutenant-governor of Northwest Territoriesball eschewed three settlements as its seat of government. Responsible government was established in the Territories in 1897, and Reginaball was incorporated as a cityball in 1902.

A diverse and very outdoorsy cityball, Reginaball loves Canadian football and has his own team called the Roughriders (and as such has friendly rivalries with all the other cityballs in Canadaball that have teams). He also enjoys curling, when the sport came back to the Winter Olympics in Naganoball in 1998, the women's team from his clay led by the late Sandra Schmirler won the first gold medal. He has his own WHL team, the Regina Pats, and they have won multiple Memorial Cups. 

In 1912, Reginaball was whooshed by a tornado, destroying many historical monuments, which ignited Reginaball's hate against tornadoes and cyclones.

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