Republic of Mountainous Armeniaball or Mountainous Armeniaball was a very short-lived country in Armeniaball, created as a rebellion against Sovietball.


In 1921 Sovietball was taking over First Republic of Armeniaball, and giving away lots of his clay to Turkeyball and Azerbaijan SSRball. The southern Armenian provinceballs were unhappy with this, and joined to create Republic of Mountainous Armeniaball. In February he captured Yerevanball, but was pushed back after 42 days. He declared himself independent in April of 1921, with the clay of Vayats Dzorball and Syunikball, also claiming clay from Nagorno-Karabakhball and Nakhichevanball. He was able to hold out against the commies until July, when he admitted defeat on the condition that Syunikball be part of Armenian SSRball, which was agreed upon. Sovietball also said he would give Nagorno-Karabakhball to Armenian SSRball, but broke his promise and turned him into an Autonomous Oblastball instead. Though not alive very long, his importance is that Syunikball is part of Armeniaball's clay today, giving him a southern, non-blockaded border with Iranball, separating Nakhichevanball from Nagorno-Karabakhball, and an advantage in dealing with those who'd like to remove him completely.

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