Nothing is of happenings today...of wait,let's claimings independence for no purpose!
— Ragusaball

Republic of Ragusaball was a Marine Republicball which existed between 1358 and 1808.


Ragusaball was born as a 2ball,then he was conquered by SPQRball and by Byzantineball. Later, after the fourth crusade, he was adopted by Veniceball, his older brother, which teached him how to become rich with a "Commercio for dummies" book. After a war with Hungaryball, Ragusaball managed to become independent and used to control the whole Adriatic for sometime. In 1808 then, Franceball saw him and conquered him randomly, and that was his end. His son is Ragusaball, that later was forced to learn croatian and changed name into Dubrovnikball.


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