The Republic of the Rio Grandeball was an unrecognized countryball that lasted from January 17, 1840 to November 6, 1840 in what is now the Mexican stateballs of TamaulipasballCoahuilaball, and Nuevo Leónball. He wanted independence from Mexicoball at first.


Rio Grandeball was born as a 3ball like his brother Texasball, until he was adopted by Spainball and eventually Mexicoball. He was unrecognized by many, except by Texas. Sadly it disbanded on November 6, 1840. Only living for 10 months. He is remembered in his old capital building which is now a museum in Laredo, Texas. It displays the history of the rebellion and the restoration of three rooms in a period hacienda. His clay as later absorbed by Texasball and Mexicoball. The city of Laredo, Texas still uses his flag.

Family and Relationships

  • Mexico-iconMexicoball - Father and enemy, gib independencia! anyways, i will come back as the republicas del norte de mexicoball!

I love you daddy, yo won’t leave you, just tell carteles to get outta here


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