The Republic of Taiwanball is a concept of the future Taiwanball that managed to gain full recognition and become a democratic republic. He uses the “hearts-in-harmony” flag.

He is currently alive as the Taiwan Solidarity Union, a Pan-Green party that advocates de jure existence of the Republic of Taiwan.


Taiwan "independence" is opposed by the Kuomintang-icon Kuomintang as well as the TaiwanDPP-icon Democratic Progressive Party as its position is that Taiwan is already an independent country but under the name Republic of China, making a formal declaration of independence unnecessary. This position was later opposed by the Taiwan Solidarity Union.


This might happen after the Chinese Communist Party loses control over mainland China-iconChinaball, with some regions breakaway and declare independence. Such as Tibet-iconTibetball, Uyghur-iconEast Turkestanball and Hong Kong-iconHong Kongball.

In another two alternate universes, China-iconChinaball takes Taiwanball and establishes the Taiwan SAR-icon Taiwan SARball or a new legitimate Taiwan-iconNationalist Chinaball set up after the Chinese Communist Party loses control over mainland (most likely in the next few years or more).


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