Reykjavíkball is the capital and largest city of Iceland-icon Icelandball. He resides on the southern shore of Faxaflói (Faxa Bay).

He is one of the cleanest and least polluted city in the world. 


Reykjavíkball was born as a 2-icon 2ball, later adopted by Vikingball, Kalmar Union-icon Kalmar Unionball, Denmark-icon Denmarkball and then Iceland-icon Icelandball.

Iceland-icon Number One Republic of Bjork Lazytown Iceland Iceland-icon
Regions Reykjavík-icon ReykjavíkballIceland-icon (division) Southern Peninsulaball • Iceland-icon (division) Western Regionball • Iceland-icon (division) Westfjordsball • Iceland-icon (division) Northwestern Regionball • Iceland-icon (division) Northeastern Regionball • Iceland-icon (division) Eastern Regionball • Iceland-icon (division) Southern Regionball
Former entities Norwegian-Empire-icon Migrants that crossed the ocean (His clay was totally uninhabited before the Viking Age)Icelandic Commonwealth-icon Icelandic CommonwealthballKalmar Union-icon Kalmar UnionballNorwegian-Iceland-icon Norwegian IcelandballDanish-Iceland-icon Danish IcelandballIceland-icon Kingdom of Icelandball

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