Rhodesball is an island of Greece-icon Greeceball.


Rhodesball began its life as an Ancient Greece-icon Ancient Greeceball. It was invaded by Cyprus-icon Cyprusball, but managed to beat him off. Rhodesball built the Colossus of Rhodes to celebrate the victory. After this Rhodesball frequently changed. It joined SPQR-icon SPQRball and later Byzantine-icon Byzantineball. Rhodesball became a kebab remover for a short time as the Knights of Rhodesball (from the SMOM-icon Sovereign Military Order of Maltaball), but the kebab removal urge left Rhodesball and went to Malta-icon Maltaball. Ottoman-icon Ottomanball took over Rhodesball for a long time, before it went to Kingdom of Greece-icon Kingdom of Greeceball. Italian-Empire-icon Kingdom of Italyball kidnapped Rhodesball and kept it until 1944. It then finally went back to Greece-icon Greeceball which it now regrets because Greeceball doesn't understand the concept of debt. Its now getting the kebab removal urge again.

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