Rhodesian Bush War (also known as the Second Chimurenga or the Zimbabwe War of Liberation or lesser known as the Zimbabwean Civil War) was a civil war that took place from July 1964 to December 1979, on the unrecognized state of Rhodesia-icon Rhodesiaball.


Back in the 1890s, UK-icon UKball had been colonizing parts of Africa for many years, and began exploring new parts of Africa, setting up companies to finance his new colonies, such as the British South African Company, which included the modern day clay of Zimbabwe-icon Zimbabweball, then called Southern Rhodesia-icon Southern Rhodesiaball.

Then World War I broke out, and after using Southern Rhodesia-icon Southern Rhodesiaball as a base to attack German Empire-icon German Empireball's colonies in Africa, Southern Rhodesia-icon Southern Rhodesiaball was given full dominion status, being ruled by a white minority, and more UK-icon UKballs began traveling to Southern Rhodesia-icon Southern Rhodesiaball.

As international pressure began mounting on UK-icon UKball to decolonize parts of his empire, UK-icon UKball decided that he would release all of his colonies under majority rule, and began decolonizing parts of Africa, however Southern Rhodesia-icon Southern Rhodesiaball didn't like this idea, as he wanted to keep ruling over the 8-icon 8balls in his country and suppressing them. Negotiations with UK-icon UKball fell out, and soon Southern Rhodesia-icon Southern Rhodesiaball declared his independence, becoming the Rhodesia-icon Republic of Rhodesiaball.

UK-icon UKball didn't like this new racist government that Rhodesia-icon Rhodesiaball was operating under, so he petitioned UN-icon UNball members to not recognize Rhodesia-icon Rhodesiaball's independence, and began an economic embargo against Rhodesia-icon Rhodesiaball along Mozambique-icon Mozambiqueball's coast, however it was very ineffective and very costly. After Rhodesia-icon Rhodesiaball declared his independence, the 8-icon 8ball majority in the country grabbed their guns and began a guerilla war against Rhodesia-icon Rhodesiaball, turning to political parties like ZAPU and ZANU, kicking off the Rhodesian Bush War.

Rhodesia-icon Rhodesiaball was very successful in his campaigns against the poorly-trained guerillas of ZANU, and held support from Portugal-icon Portugalball, Israel-icon Israelcube, and Union of South Africa-icon South Africaball for obvious reasons. However, because of international pressure on Rhodesia-icon Rhodesiaball, along with support for ZANU by China-icon Chinaball and Soviet-icon Sovietball, Rhodesia-icon Rhodesiaball's defenses soon began to crack, with Rhodesian Security Forces getting killed, resulting in immigration to Union of South Africa-icon South Africaball. Eventually, Rhodesia-icon Rhodesiaball gave power to an 8-icon 8ball in an Internal Settlement, renaming himself to ZimbabweRhodesia-icon Zimbabwe Rhodesiaball.

However, UK-icon UKball still didn't acknowledge this as legitimate, so after ZimbabweRhodesia-icon Zimbabwe Rhodesiaball negotiated with him, UK-icon UKball took control of ZimbabweRhodesia-icon Zimbabwe Rhodesiaball for a short amount of time, before holding the first internationally accepted universal elections, putting ZANU in power. This saw ZimbabweRhodesia-icon Zimbabwe Rhodesiaball change his name into Zimbabwe-icon Zimbabweball, creating the modern nation we know today.

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