Republic of the Rifball officially called the Confederal Republic of the Tribes of the Rifball or just Rifball was a pro-Berber anti-colonialist separatist state who declared independence from Spainball after he surprisingly won the Battle Of Annual and drove all of spainball's forces out the Rif region. He existed for about 5 years until he surrendered to French-Spanish forces in 26 may, 1926.


He humiliated Spainball so much that he was too afraid to retake the land, and left Rif Republicball alone for some years, until 1925 when Spainball and Franceball agreed to create a joint task force of half a million men to retake the Rif region because the Rif Republicball was attacking French Moroccoball for more clay.

He attempted to invade Fezball from french forces and was pretty successful in doing so, but was unable to capture it due to the massive joint force, he got outnumbered and he surrendered in 1926 as the two european powers extensively used chemical weapons against his people and his forces outnumbered and weak.

Rifball's guerilla war tactics Influenced other colonized balls that were also trying to get rid of colonial forces.



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