Rohingya-icon Rohingyaball are a mostly Muslim ethnic group in Rakhine State-icon Rahkine State in Myanmar-icon Myanmarball. He is now being persecuted by Myanmar-icon Myanmarball and many Rohingyaballs are escaping to Bangladesh-icon Bangladeshball.

Countries opposing Myanmar in Rohingya Genocide

Turkey-icon Turkeyball
USA-icon USAball
UK-icon UKball
Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball
Pakistan-icon Pakistanball
Qatar-icon Qatarbal
Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball
Malaysia-icon Malaysiaball
Brunei-icon Bruneiball
Iran-icon Iranball
Canada-icon Canadaball
Australia-icon Australiaball
Sweden-icon Swedenball
Bangladesh-icon Bangladeshball
UAE-icon UAEball

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