Gypsy-icon Romaniball, also known as Romaball, or more commonly, Gypsyball, is a culture and people without clay of his own. Roma speaks his own language and has dialects depending on which area of Europe he lives in. 


Romaball came from Gypsy-icon Indiaball in about 1000-1200 AD, and migrated into the Balkans and western Europe, some eventually even moved to Sweden-icon Swedenball and Russia-icon Russiaball's clay. Romaball made a living by travelling around Europe to do building, making medicine, and fortune telling. Romaball was enslaved by Romania-icon Romaniaball for many years until slavery was banned in the 1800's. During this time, Romaball began appearing in USA-icon USAball, Mexico-icon Mexicoball Colombia-icon Colombiaball and Brazil-icon Brazilball's clay, Gypsyball could officially into new world. He has the largest population in Egypt-icon [1] Egyptball  clay, where he mistaken as homeland. Romaball served in Romania-icon Romaniaball's military in both world wars, but in World War 2, Romaball had been captured and tortured by Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball, along with Jew-icon Jews. After the war, Romaball received no reparation for the torture, and was banned from migrating by Soviet-icon USSRball, who threw Romaballs into slums. Despite years of persecution and harassment, Romaball has found friends in UK-icon UKball, Sweden-icon Sweden, Finland-icon Finland, Germany-icon Germany, Netherlands-icon Netherlands and Greece-icon Greece.



Romaball has friends is pony, Germany-icon Germanyball and Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball try to be friendly, but when it comes down to really helping them, they are persecuted by a bunch of people and everyone tries to stop help to Gypsyball.  The only know relatives of Romaball are, Gypsy-icon Indiaball, Gypsy-icon Pakistanball, Gypsy-icon Bangladeshball, Gypsy-icon NepalRawr, and Gypsy-icon Sri Lankaball but they are of hatings him and call him a great disgrace to the family. He still manages to migrate back there and easily blended in with no consequences.  He maybe can into being friends of secret with Sentineleseball because they might of having a sympathy for each other as they are bullied and harassed by other countries. Also, people who care about him and want to make him better.


  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - Good morning! Pastor! The pastor's k-pop and drama are always fun. But you must know the history of World War II right away! Remember the Porajmos!
  • Iceland-icon Icelandball - .....
  • Sami-icon Samiball - What is they of? Scandinavia Gypsy?


Everyone removing it, however most important of them are Romania-icon Romaniaball, Hungary-icon Hungaryball, Szekelyland-icon Szekelylandball, Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball, UK-icon UKball, Serbia-icon Serbiaball and France-icon Franceball (or everyone). In the Polandball memes it is always stealing or having an argument with Gypsy-icon Romaniaball and rarely seen with others. Also even Gypsy-icon Canadaball also hates them a lot and wants to remove them. Even Uzbek-icon Uzbekistanball hates him. Even in Africa! (Including South Africa-icon South Africaball). Except for Gypsy-icon Antarctica (Shhhhhh nobody knows I am of living on their clay)


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