Gypsy-icon Romaniball, also known as Romaball, or more commonly, Gypsyball, is a culture and people without clay of his own. Roma speaks his own language and has dialects depending on which area of Europe he lives in. 


Romaball came from India-icon Indiaball in about 1000-1200 AD, and migrated into the Balkans and western Europe, some eventually even moved to Sweden-icon Swedenball and Russia-icon Russiaball's clay. Romaball made a living by travelling around Europe to do building, making medicine, and fortune telling. Romaball was enslaved by Romania-icon Romaniaball for many years until slavery was banned in the 1800's. During this time, Romaball began appearing in USA-icon USAball, Mexico-icon Mexicoball Colombia-icon Colombiaball and Brazil-icon Brazilball's clay, Gypsyball could officially into new world. He has the largest population in Egypt-icon Egyptball  clay, where he mistaken as homeland. Romaball served in Romania-icon Romaniaball's military in both world wars, but in World War 2, Romaball had been captured and tortured by Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball, along with Jew-icon Jews. After the war, Romaball received no reparation for the torture, and was banned from migrating by Soviet-icon USSRball, who threw Romaballs into slums. Despite years of persecution and harassment, Romaball has found friends in India-icon Indiaball (his original Homeland), UK-icon UKball, Sweden-icon Sweden, Finland-icon Finland, Germany-icon Germany, Netherlands-icon Netherlands and Greece-icon Greece.



Romaball has friends is pony, Germany-icon Germanyball and Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball try to be friendly, but when it comes down to really helping them, they are persecuted by a bunch of people and everyone tries to stop help to Gypsyball.  The only know relatives of Romaball are, India-icon Indiaball, Pakistan-icon Pakistanball, Bangladesh-icon Bangladeshball, Nepal-icon NepalRawr, and Sri Lanka-icon Sri Lankaball, however they want to beat him up. He maybe can into being friends of secret with Sentinelese-icon Sentineleseball because they might of having a sympathy for each other as they are bullied and harassed by other countries. Also, people who care about him and want to make him better.


  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - Good morning! Pastor! The pastor's k-pop and drama are always fun. But you must know the history of World War II right away! Remember the Porajmos!
  • Iceland-icon Icelandball - .....
  • Sami-icon Samiball - What is they of? Scandinavia Gypsy?


Everyone removing it, however most important of them are Romania-icon Romaniaball, Hungary-icon Hungaryball, Szekelyland-icon Szekelylandball, Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball, UK-icon UKball, Serbia-icon Serbiaball and France-icon Franceball (or everyone). In the Polandball memes it is always stealing or having an argument with Romania-icon Romaniaball and rarely seen with others. Also even Canada-icon Canadaball also hates them a lot and wants to remove them. Even Uzbek-icon Uzbekistanball hates him. Even in Africa (besides DR Congo-icon Democratic Republic of the Congoball)! (Including South Africa-icon South Africaball). Except for Antarctica-icon Antarctica (Shhhhhh nobody knows I am of living on their clay)


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