The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia.
— Otto von Bismarck

Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball is a historical countryball. His clay once stretched from Europe all the way across Asia into North America. He was killed and crushed by his son Russian SFSR (old)-icon Russian SFSRball (aka Soviet-icon Sovietball) during the 1917 Russian Revolution.

In some comics, especially those made in Russia, Russian Empireball is instead a Russian Empire-icon (tangle) Czarist Russian Empiretangle (or rather Rustangle), similar to ReichTime Reichtangle in appearance and personality. However, the traditional ball design is accepted everywhere else.


Conquest and Expansion (1721-1801)

Russian Empireball was born in 1721 and replaced his father Tsardom of Russia-icon Tsardom of Russiaball that year. He descended from Slavs-icon Slavsball and Mongol Empire-icon Mongol Empireball and by 1721, already had a vast domain stretching from the Baltic Sea to Central Siberia.

In 1739, Russian Empireball and Austrian Empireball tried to gangbang Ottoman Empireball in the Austro-Russian-Turkish War but he somehow beat them both and the war became inconclusive.

In the 1760s, Imperial Russiaball explored and conquered the Siberian and Central Asia plains and steppes with little difficulty or resistance from the local 1-icon 1ball tribes that lived there. He even went across the Bering Straits into Alaska and North America.

In 1774, the Russian Empireball took Crimea. Up until 1792 at the treaty of Jassy, the Russians completely beat up the Ottomans.

In 1772, 1790, and 1795 Russiaball participated in Poland-Lithuania-icon all three partitions of Polandball and Lithuaniaball's clay with Kingdom of Prussia-icon Kingdom of Prussiaball and Austria-icon Austriaball. Poland-Lithuania-icon Polandball's 1791 uprising against him was crushed with ease, and the Kingdom of France-icon French Revolution saw Russiaball from the Armed League of Neutrality of the North in 1799, in favour of trade with France-icon Franceball rather than UK-icon UKball. The League was disbanded in 1801.

European Affairs (1801-1881)

In 1806, France-icon Franceball had invaded Poland-icon Polandball's former clay, and after a disagreement with Imperial Russiaball, who had just conquered Finland-icon Finlandball in 1809, he invaded Russiaball's clay in 1812 and reached Moscow-icon Moscow, but Russiaball retreated and burned it to the ground, with a scorched earth strategy. Russiaball blocked his route home at Maloyaroslavets and forced him into conflict at Borodino. Franceball retreated safely, but by 1814, Russiaball was in the Coalition that was advancing upon Paris. In 1815, after Kingdom of France-icon Franceball's nationalistic fever calmed down, Russiaball was included in the Concert of Europe and became interested in the Balkans.

In 1853, after falling out with Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empireball, Imperial Russiaball threatened an invasion of Constantinople, which alarmed UK-icon UKball and France-icon Franceball, who sent their armies to the Crimea to help Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empireball. UK-icon UKball was mortally wounded at Sevastopol-icon Sevastopol, but the fortress fell, and Russiaball agreed to disarm the Black Sea in 1856. Meanwhile, Russiaball sold his son Russian America-icon Russian North Americaball to USA-icon USAball, who renamed him Alaska-icon Alaskaball, in 1867, something he would come to regret.

But Russiaball had not finished with the Balkans. In 1877 the Russo-Turkish war broke out, and in 1878 UK-icon UKball and France-icon Franceball stepped in again, drawing up new borders for the clay there. Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empireball was forced to retreat from Eastern Europe, and United Principalities-icon Romaniaball and Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball born. In 1881, Russiaball survived an assassination attempt that would change his life. He also attempted to abolish serfdom at this point.

Russia in Revolution and Collapse (1881-1917)

In 1883, Russiaball got a new flag and started to expand south-east into Qing-icon Qing Chinaball's clay, taking Manchuriaball and Mongolia-icon Mongolia in the 1890s. Russiaball started to build the Trans-Siberian Railroad and also attempted to reform himself with the Industrial Revolution. By 1900, Russiaball was still largely agricultural and undeveloped, despite having vast reserves of untapped resources. He was not too successful in imperialism, despite being in the Boxer expeditionary force of 1900, he lost the Russo-Japanese War in 1904-05, after having his fleets sunk at Port Arthur, and Tshuima Straits. His accidental son Soviet-icon Sovietball, born in 1903 as Bolshevikball, used these failures as excuses to lampoon his father.

In 1905, Russiaball had a partial breakdown, which resulted in him cutting himself, and also forming a new parliament (the Duma) which had little power. In 1907 he joined the Triple Entente with UK-icon UKball and France-icon Franceball, against the expanding German Empire-icon Imperial Germanyball, and 1912 saw him attempt to interfere with the Balkan Wars, in favour of his Slavic brothers. However, in 1914 the Great War saw the strong but unprepared Russiaball suffer many wounds at the Masurian Lakes and Tannenburg battles. He had more luck against the incompetent Austria-Hungary-icon Austria-Hungaryball, invading his Galicia clay, as well as Ottoman-icon Ottomanball trying to invade him in winter, and held the front at a heavy cost for two years, until something inside him snapped in 1917. In March 1917, he had a personality change, resulting in him becoming a republican ball, but his son Bolshevikball was still fed up and used his father's weak state to murder him and take his place in November 1917 during the October Revolution. He became Russian SFSR (old)-icon R.S.F.S.Rball that year, and later after the Russian Civil War Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball in 1922.



  • USA-icon USAball -  I sold Alaska to him. We were warm neutral, but still really good friends. Both served in numerous wars together, stopped the Russo-Japanese War, and more. We've had a down in 1903-1905 but even still, we are very good friends. I’m very sorry that my Soviet-icon Son and Russia-icon Grandson both hate you so much. Have a happy Memorial Day!
    • USA-icon - Yeah, I do too buddy. Thank you for Alaska. R.I.P to you!
  • France-icon Franceball - Forced me into surrender on occasion. But was defeated by glorious Russia! Then we teamed up against the German Empire-icon German Empireball. BUT NEVER FORGET THAT WAR!
  • UK-icon UKball - Fought him in the Crimea with France-icon Franceball. Then we teamed up against the German Empire-icon German Empireball.
  • Armenia-icon Armeniaball - Kept a bit of his clay around as secret weapon against kebab. May he pay for what he did to you. Presently the only clay Armenia-icon Armeniaball has left.
  • Abyssinia-icon Ethiopian Empireball -Fellow Orthdox brother that hates the UK. I also helped him during the first Ethio-Italian war. We are also good trading partners.
  • Romania-icon Romaniaball, Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball and Serbia-icon Serbiaball - I freed them from Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empireball.
  • Byzantine-icon​​​​​​ ​Byzantiumball- You are my hero I will keep you alive
  • German Empire-icon German Empireball- We almost had an allience in 1905.
  • Italian-Empire-icon Kingdom of Italyball- We are good friends and I like you very much. Thank you for fighting the evil Russian SFSR-icon (soldier 1919) Reds. But leave Abyssinia alone plox!!
  • Finland-icon Finlandball - My son who likes me for giving independence. Also, both remove tomato communist.
  • Poland-iconCongress Polandball - My other son who tried to escape home in 1830 and 1863. You helped a bit in 1914.
  • Alaska-icon Alaskaball - Also my son whom I'm sorry about for selling him. Good thing 'Merica protected him from tomato vodka.
  • Belarus-icon Belarusball - She is my cute daughter! After Poland-Lithuania-icon Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthball finally died, I adopted her. She cried a lot when I was killed/murdered. I miss you too my sweet daughter!!!!!
  • Anticommunism-icon Anti-Communismball - I super agree with you 100%. Please, don't forget what first happened here in 1917, we will help you against the evil Russian SFSR-icon (soldier 1919) Reds.
  • White Movement-icon White Movementball - Thank you for preserving my legacy and fighting against the Russian SFSR-icon (soldier 1919) Reds.



  • Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empireball - My rival, one which I usually defeated easily. I always wanted to anschluss Istanbul-icon his capital to restore Byzantine-icon Byzantineball. Not to mention, this asshole committed genocide against Armenia-icon Armenians.
  • German Empire-icon German Empireball - We used to be friends. Our Leaders were cousins!
  • Poland-Lithuania-icon  The Poles - I anschlussed him in 1795 with Austria and Prussia. One of the two that took Moscow from me.
  • Switzerland-icon Switzerlandball - Stop gibbing Lenin refuge!!!!!!! Throw the idiot man into a prison, the bastard.
  • Communism-icon Communismball - Stop revolution!!!!!!! Stop revolting!!!!!!! Remove Vladimir Lenin!!!!!!! You're hampering our war effort!!!!!!!
  • Russian SFSR (old)-icon Russian SFSRball - Communist son who rebelled against me and later killed me in 1917 because I had starved him. 
  • Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball - False communist successor! Remove Lenin!! Remove Stalin!! Remove the Reds! Remove Soviet and Remove Communism!!!!
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - You Traitor!! You are just like your evil, monstrous and totalitarian Soviet-icon Father Sovietball!! You still follow his policies!!!!!!!
    • Russia-icon : AT LEAST I WASN'T OVERTHROWN AND KILLED DURING ONE OF THE WORST WARS IN HISTORY!!!!!! I’m glad that my good old Russian SFSR (old)-icon dad killed you for good motherfucker!!!!!!!!!

Lost Children


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