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{{infobox countryball|government = Republic|language = Mongolian|capital = [[Baruun-Urtball]]|affiliation = [[Mongoliaball]]}}
{{infobox countryball|government = Republic|language = Mongolian|capital = [[Baruun-Urtball]]|affiliation = [[Mongoliaball]]|image = Sùhbaatarball.png}}
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is an aymag (province) of [[Mongoliaball]].
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is an aymag (province) of [[Mongoliaball]].

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Sükhbaatarball is an aymag (province) of Mongoliaball.


Sükhbaatarball born as a 1ball, adopted by Mongol Empireball, Yuanball, Qingball, Bogd Khaanate of Mongoliaball, Great Mongolian Stateball, PR Mongoliaball and Mongoliaball

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