SAARC-icon South Asian Association For Regional Cooperationball, simply just known as SAARCball, is an economic and geopolitical organization located in South Asia. SAARC-icon SAARCball's main goals is to help economy and get South Asian countries cooperating with each other.


SAARC-icon SAARCball was first founded after a long time of negotiating a new union in Asia in Bangladesh-icon (division) Dhakaball on December 8, 1985, with Kathmandu-icon Kathmanduball being the location of the headquarters.

How to Draw

SAARC-icon SAARCball is pretty simple to draw:

  1. Draw a circle with a black outline
  2. Fill in the circle with white
  3. Draw the SAARC logo in the middle
    1. Draw two long flame looking objects parallel to each other in gold color
    2. Draw another one flame looking object coming out from the larger one the left and do the same with the right
    3. Draw 7 different circle looking things in the upper middle
    4. Write "SAARC" underneath the main part
  4. Done!




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