SEATO or seNATO (officially known as the Southeast Asia Treaty Organisation) is an allianceball between and countries in the Southeast of Asia and the UK and US to help block the spread of communism. SEATO was trying to be another NATO but was never regarded as being significant militarily, but its economic and cultural impacts have changed Southeast Asia for the better.


SEATO was created to help block the spread of communism. The only 2 southeast Asian countries that actually joined it were Thailandball and the Philippinesball. The Other Members Are Australiaball, New Zealandball, UKball, USAball, and Pakistanball. Australiaball and New Zealandball saw more worth in it than the current ANZUS treaty. Pakistanball and Franceball left. Though, most of the budget came from USAball. At that time it was clear there was not enough military support for it. The SEATO council soon after voted to dissolve the alliance. SEATOball set up a few universities in Thailandball's clay and Bangladeshball's clay but didn't do much else.



  • NATO-icon.png NATOball - Dear adoptive father, I tried, but... I-I failed.
  • UN-icon.png UNball - Hi... did you notice me?
  • Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball - One of the two only south-east asian countries who joined me...
  • Thailand-icon.png Thailandball - 4 times chairman and the second south-east asian country who joined me.


  • China-icon.png Chinaball - YOU COMMUNIST PIGS,WE WILL GUT YOU LIKE A FISH! (in our spirit,of course,we don't exist anymore)
  • Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball - We started that war that saw your birth. Well...kind of.

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