Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesball is a country in the Caribbean. He can into Pirates of the Carribean. He has no Enemies and he is friends of Somaliaball, because he is pirates too.


Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesball was born as a 7-icon.png 7ball, adopted by UK-icon.png UKball in 1779 after being part of France-icon.png Franceball. He reached independence in 1979. 

Flag Colors

True Blue 0, 114, 198 C100-M42-Y0-K22 #0072C6
Metallic Yellow 252, 209, 22 C0-M17-Y91-K1 #FCD116
Shamrock Green 0, 158, 96 C100-M0-Y39-K38 #009E60

How to draw

Draw Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesball is simple:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into three vertical stripes, blue, yellow and green
  2. Draw three green diamonds in the center as in a V
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


  • UK-icon.png UKball - father!, it's a shame he doesn't care about me anymore
  • France-icon.png Franceball - She Colonized me until 1779.Now we have good relations with him.


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